About Us

Our Goal

There is no other community like IRC.  IRC consists of the smartest minds in the world and it transforms the world into a single community.  Many of the greatest developers and leaders of the free world gained knowledge, experience and relationships through IRC.

Through time, IRC became difficult to reach as interfaces pushed users to learn how to click buttons rather than input commands and parameters.  IRC was beginning to die, and the greatest movement of the people was about to end.

IRC.com, by freenode, brings IRC mainstream.  With it's ease of registration, and powerful IRCv3 compliant capabilities, including avatars and emojis, IRC is now mainstream for everyone.  Never miss a message and stay online 24/7 like you would expect with a messaging platform.

Open Source

There are many communities and organizations already using open platforms but unfortunately haven't been able to keep up with todays expectations from these messaging applications. Rather than inventing entirely new tools and leaving these communities behind, we are helping to improve existing IRC projects that can benefit everybody.


IRC.com connects you to the freenode autonomous zone, the world's leading, and free, IRC network that supports freedom.

With it's ease of use and friendly and familiar UI, IRC is now mainstream.

IRC has arrived!