The ADDMOTD command allows operators to add text to the end of the Message of the Day (MOTD) file. When users view the MOTD (either in the connection registration burst, or with the MOTD command), they will see the new text.

ADDMOTD <text>
  • <text>: The text to add to the end of the MOTD. This can be empty (to add a blank line), but the parameter must exist.

If the user doesn’t have the permission to add lines to the MOTD, the ERR_NOPRIVILEGES response is sent and the command fails.

If the last parameter is omitted, the ERR_NEEDMOREPARAMS response is sent and the command fails.

If the command is successful, the current server implementation sends a NOTICE back to the user (as shown in the examples below).


C  ->  addmotd :Be nice!
S <- NOTICE dan :*** Wrote (Be nice!) to file: ircd.motd

Adding text to the MOTD

C  ->  addmotd :
S <- NOTICE dan :*** Wrote () to file: ircd.motd

Adding an empty line to the MOTD


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