The MOTD command returns the current Message of the Day (MOTD) set on the server. The server’s MOTD is totally freeform and set by the administrator of the server. It typically includes a description of the server itself, the network the server’s a part of, and a list of rules to follow while connected.

In addition, at the end of the connection registration burst, the MOTD is automatically sent to the client (either the RPL_MOTDSTART, RPL_MOTD, and RPL_ENDOFMOTD responses, or alternatively the ERR_NOMOTD response).

MOTD [<server>]
  • <server>: If included, which server’s MOTD to show. If omitted, defaults to the current server.

If <server> is given but that server cannot be found, a ERR_NOSUCHSERVER response is sent and the command fails.

If the MOTD is found, one RPL_MOTDSTART response is sent, followed by one or more RPL_MOTD responses, and then one final RPL_ENDOFMOTD response.

If the MOTD does not exist on the server, the ERR_NOMOTD response is sent.


C  ->  MOTD
S <- 375 chris :- Message of the Day -
S <- 372 chris :- ExampleNet is a really cool network!
S <- 372 chris :- No spamming please, thank you!
S <- 376 chris :End of /MOTD command.

Typical MOTD command usage for the current server

C  ->  MOTD
S <- 375 chris :- Message of the Day -
S <- 372 chris :- This is dan's ExampleNet server! You can spam here
S <- 372 chris :- if you want, just be nice.
S <- 376 chris :End of /MOTD command.

MOTD for a specific server

C  ->  MOTD
S <- 402 chris :No such server

MOTD for a nonexistent server

C  ->  nick jen
C  ->  USER j 0 * :Whoo me!
S <- 001 jen :Welcome to the ExampleNet Internet Relay Chat Network jen
S <- 002 jen :Your host is[0::/6667], running version kittenircd34.4
S <- 003 jen :This server was created Mon Dec 3 2018 at 16:37:50 AEST
S <- 004 jen kittenircd34.4 DQRSZagiloswz CFILPQbcefgijklmnopqrstvz bkloveqjfI
S <- 005 jen SAFELIST ELIST=CTU MONITOR=100 WHOX CHANTYPES=#& EXCEPTS INVEX CHANMODES=eIbq,k,flj,CFLPQcimnprst CHANLIMIT=#&:15 :are supported by this server
S <- 005 jen PREFIX=(ov)@+ MAXLIST=bqeI:100 NETWORK=ExampleNet [email protected]+ CASEMAPPING=rfc1459 NICKLEN=30 MAXNICKLEN=31 CHANNELLEN=50 TOPICLEN=390 :are supported by this server
S <- 005 jen TARGMAX=NAMES:1,LIST:1,KICK:1,WHOIS:1,PRIVMSG:4,NOTICE:4,ACCEPT:,MONITOR: CLIENTVER=3.0 :are supported by this server
S <- 251 jen :There are 0 users and 1 invisible on 1 servers
S <- 255 jen :I have 1 clients and 0 servers
S <- 265 jen 1 1 :Current local users 1, max 1
S <- 266 jen 1 1 :Current global users 1, max 1
S <- 250 jen :Highest connection count: 1 (1 clients) (1 connections received)
S <- 422 jen :MOTD File is missing

Welcome burst with missing MOTD


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