The RPL_WELCOME (001) numeric is part of the initial registration burst when new users successfully connect to the network. It simply provides a welcome message and says the name of the network that the user’s joining.

:server 001 <nick> :Welcome to the <network> Network, <nick>[!<user>@<host>]
  • <nick>: Nickname of the connecting user.
  • <network>: Network name.
  • <user>@<host>: Username and hostname of the connecting user.

It should be noted that the <user>@<host> part is optional, and we recommend that clients do not parse this last word of the numeric text in any way. For more detailed information on why this is, see this document.

Examples 001 dan :Welcome to the IRCcom Network, dan 001 dan :Welcome to Greppys dan 001 steve :Welcome to the Tred Network, [email protected] 001 bill :Welcome to the Internet Relay Network, bill

Different examples of the RPL_WELCOME message.


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