The RPL_YOURHOST (002) numeric is part of the initial registration burst when new users successfully connect to the network. It makes users aware of which server they’re connecting to.

:server 002 <nick> :Your host is <servername>, running version <version>
  • <nick>: Nickname of the connecting user.
  • <servername>: Hostname of the server the user’s connected to.
  • <version>: Version of the server software.

The <servername> may also include other information depending on the server software, for example[], so we instead recommend relying on the prefix or the RPL_MYINFO (004) numeric if knowing the current server hostname is desired.

The <version> is relatively freeform (as is the whole last parameter of the message).

Examples 002 dan :Your host is, running version ircd 002 dan :Your host is, running version poutine- 002 dan :Your host is[], running version Ret-2-final 002 dan :Your host is[0::/6697], running version poutine-twi-4.3.1 002 dan :Your host is[], running version poutine-twi-4.3.1

Different examples of the RPL_YOURHOST message.


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