The RPL_WHOISCERTFP (276) numeric is sent in response to the WHOIS command. It is typically only visible to operators and if the user is WHOISing themselves.

:server 276 <nick> <client> :has client certificate fingerprint <fingerprint>
  • <nick>: Nickname of the connected user.
  • <client>: Nickname of the user being WHOIS‘d.
  • <fingerprint>: The given user’s client certificate fingerprint. The specific format of this fingerprint may vary depending on how the server software represents fingerprints internally, though is typically a SHA-1 or SHA-2 representation of it.

The final parameter’s text is human-readable and may vary, but the typical message is the one shown above.

Examples 276 dan dan :has client certificate fingerprint 3fa1a6a32bb09eb3fca6e7b40b1bee79f755e8c6572683941b209edec7f7120f

User viewing their own client certificate with WHOIS. 276 dan james :has client certificate fingerprint AC3779517FB80BB24A6A482EEE1AB1E00EAA4A28

Oper viewing another user’s client certificate with WHOIS.


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