The RPL_WHOISUSER (311) numeric is sent in response to the WHOIS command.

:server 311 <nick> <client> <username> <hostname> * <realname>
  • <nick>: Nickname of the connected user.
  • <client>: Nickname of the user being WHOIS‘d.
  • <username>: Username of the user.
  • <hostname>: Hostname of the user.
  • <realname>: Realname (or “gecos”) of the user.

The <username> and <hostname> are the user and host parts of the given client’s usermask. See the examples for more concrete examples of this. The second-to-last parameter is a literal asterisk character, and does not represent anything.

As <hostname> cannot start with a : character (due to IRC parameter format restrictions), some IPv6 addresses may need to be adjusted to be sent in this parameter. For these IPv6 addresses, we recommend prefixing them with a 0.

Examples 311 dan mike ~mi localhost * :Mike's such a cool person!

RPL_WHOISUSER numeric for a user [email protected].


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