The RPL_MOTDSTART (375) numeric is part of the Message of the Day (MOTD) reply, and is also sent during the initial registration burst when new users successfully connect to the network. It introduces the MOTD, and the following RPL_MOTD line(s).

:server 375 <nick> <info>
  • <nick>: Nickname of the connecting user.
  • <info>: Information about the MOTD.

The <info> parameter typically has the form "- <server> Message of the day -", as shown in the examples below.

Examples 375 dan :- Message of the day - 372 dan :- 372 dan :- 372 dan :-    EEEE                       l       N   N       t   *_ 372 dan :-    E                          l       NN  N      ttt 372 dan :-    EEE  x x  aaa  m m m  p p  l  eee  N N N  eee  t 372 dan :-    E     x  a  a  m  m m p  p l e e   N  NN e e   t 372 dan :- _* EEEE x x  aa a m    m p p  l  eee  N   N  eee  tt 372 dan :-                          p 372 dan :- 372 dan :- Welcome to ExampleNet! 372 dan :- 372 dan :- Try not to spam us too much please! 372 dan :- 376 dan :End of /MOTD command

A typical example of the RPL_MOTDSTART message.


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