The ERR_NOPRIVS (723) numeric is sent to users who try to do an oper-only action, but fail because they don’t have the specific oper privileges to do that action. For example, servers typically restrict use of the CONNECT and KLINE commands to specific operators.

:server 723 <nick> [cmd/priv] :Insufficient oper privileges
  • <nick>: Nickname of the user.
  • <cmd/priv>: This parameter is optional, and can contain the command that caused the failing numeric, or the specific name of the privilege required to do that action.

When the second param is <priv>, this is typically a server-software-specific identifier that’s used in the server configuration to grant operators access to use the specific command. For example, on some server software the "remoteban" privilege lets specific operators on other servers ban users.

The final parameter’s text is human-readable and may vary, but the message is typically something like the above.


C: KLINE george :Your behavior is not conducive to the desired environment.
S: 723 dan remoteban :Insufficient oper privileges

An example of an oper-only action being rejected.


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